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Class of 2025

mariam-photo.pngMariam Adesiji

Mariam Adesiji is a first-year American Studies major planning to double major in sociology or legal studies and minor in dance. She is interested in exploring immigration, mass incarceration, and/or U.S. foreign policy towards Africa. Outside of class, Mariam is a dancer with Boomshaka– a drum, dance, and rhythm group here at NU–, and enjoys hiking, longboarding, and daydreaming about sneaking her dog into her dorm room.   

audrey-photo.pngAudrey Bannister

Audrey Bannister (she/her) is an American Studies major with hopes to study history and French as well. Originally from Dublin, Ohio, she came to Northwestern to explore her various academic interests. On campus, she is involved in the comedy student group, the Blackout, in addition to being an athlete on the varsity cross country team. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, video games and playing the violin.

vivian-photo.pngVivian Bui

Vivian Bui is an American Studies and english literature double major with a minor in legal studies. She is interested in studying U.S. immigration and wants to understand how colonization has contributed to mass migration. On campus, she is involved in Mock Trial as an opening attorney and with Arch Scholars programs. Outside of school, she volunteers in Chicago teaching English as a Second Language and helping immigrants prepare for the Naturalization Interview and Test. In her free time, she loves hiking and going to coffee shops!

garrisonseniorphoto1.jpgGarrison Guzzeau

Garrison is an American Studies major from Massachusetts. His interests include the intersections of American history, politics, and art of the 20th and 21st centuries. At Northwestern, Garrison competes as a member of Northwestern's Sailing Team. In his free time, he also enjoys being outdoors and watching the Red Sox.

mc.png MC Hall

MC Hall is double majoring in American Studies and journalism with a business institutions minor. She is interested in exploring the relationship between the American political system and the media, the interaction between the U.S. and global market economies and the role religion plays in America. Outside of class, MC enjoys hiking, trying new restaurants, consignment shopping, and reading The New Yorker profiles.   

staff-headshot---lili-1-cropped.jpg Liliana Jurado

Liliana Jurado is an American Studies and religious studies double major from Middlesex, New Jersey. Her research interests include American civil religion and counter-cultural movements, feelings of American-ness in culturally distinct US territories, and artistic narratives about American life and the American Dream. Outside of class, Liliana works for AccessibleNU Testing Services and enjoys comedy, movies, playing the Sims, and trying to upcycle her clothes. 

jessica-photo.pngJessica Ma

Jessica Ma (she/her/hers) is an American Studies and journalism double major with a political science minor from Belmont, California. She is interested in exploring the role of media in social movements, the interactions between communities of color, and the aesthetics of the American Dream from the perspective of marginalized voices. On campus, Jessica competes for the NU Mock Trial team, writes for The Daily Northwestern, and is involved with Supplies For Dreams. She also enjoys making art and playing Pokémon GO.

ben.png Ben Meyer

Ben  Meyer is a sophomore/junior pursuing majoring in political science and American studies. His research interests focus on the emergence of America as a unique political phenomenon and southern ethnolinguistic studies. In addition to his academic pursuits, Ben serves as the recruitment chair for Northwestern Rugby.

elliott-photo.pngElliot Oppenheim

Elliot Oppenheim is an American Studies and communication studies double major from Washington, DC His research interests include Yiddish theater, patterns of immigration and assimilation, and online community building. On campus, he is a member of the Northwestern University Marching Band, North by Northwestern, and is Production Manager for Spectrum Theatre Ensemble.

kara-photo.pngKara Peeler

Kara Peeler is an American Studies and journalism double major from Maryland. She hopes to study the ways that religion and religious institutions affect marginalized communities. Outside of the classroom, she writes for The Daily Northwestern, works as a copy editor, and is a volunteer for the NU Thrift Store. 

bae2f3b2-3c27-4cab-9291-0acc2c1d7503.jpg Camilla Pelliccia

Camilla Pelliccia is an American Studies Major from New York. She is interested in a wide range of topics including African American History, labor history, gender studies, and political & social movements. She hopes to study the systems of economic and racial oppression and inequality in America—the ways in which these systems have come to exist, historical moments of revolutionary defiance against them, and theories and strategies for overhauling them in the future. Outside of class Camilla enjoys community organizing, spending time outside, and reading.


gracie.png Gracie Schecter

Gracie Schecter (she/her) is an American Studies and social policy double major with a minor in global health studies. In addition to her academic studies, she is a research assistant for the School of Education and Social Policy where she helps the lead researchers investigate math instruction across elementary grade levels. Originally from Los Angeles, California she is interested in examining educational policy specifically in her hometown. 


ellie-photo.pngEllie Solomon

Ellie Solomon is an American Studies major and busienss institutions minor. Ellie is interested in the intersection of American religious communities and voting patterns. Outside of class, Ellie plays on the Women's Club Lacrosse team and is involved with Dance Marathon. Ellie loves the New York Times crossword and Boston sports teams. 

mia-photo.pngMia Xia

Mia Xia is a social policy and American Studies double major with a minor in data science and a certificate in civic engagement. She's interested in studying political participation and civic engagement within BIPOC communities. On campus, Mia is involved with the Institute for Policy Research, Associated Student Government, the Northwestern Undergraduate Law Journal, and Supplies for Dreams.