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1980's Alumni

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Efrem Grail

Class of 1981

     "I’ve had different jobs and two careers: I worked as a researcher for a Capitol Hill journalist, and I wrote for a daily newspaper in the deep South. I attended law school in New York; I worked for a firm in San Francisco; I served for seven years as a prosecutor in Los Angeles. In Pittsburgh since 1997, I was a partner in a large law firm, defending “White Collar” criminal and whistleblower cases, and practicing media/First Amendment claims. I set up my own firm in 2014; we now employ three other lawyers. Somehow about forty years happened. 

   What Professor Joe Barton showed me about the importance of listening, about meeting people on their turf -- remains the essential constant throughout my career. Getting people to share their stories as a reporter, getting witnesses to remember and to testify as a lawyer, getting judges and adversaries to listen. Deciding which jurors to seat, and which to challenge; picking where to fight, what issues to fight for, and which to concede."



Kate Miller Spencer

Class of 1987

I was at Vox Media as Head of Industry- CPG/Food & Beverage, Luxury/Fashion, Beauty, Retail but I am now the CEO of Cherry Bombe, Inc. and I am based in Lake Forest, Illinois.

David Sigman

Class of 1989

     "I am currently a practicing Urologist in Northwest Baltimore. I was premed in addition to American Culture and appreciated having the opportunity to take a wide curriculum of humanities classes sprinkled with the necessary sciences to apply to medical school.  It made me much more well rounded and taught me how to critically approach topics in the humanities and taught me how to be a better writer.     

     I remember sitting in the living room of Professor Gary Wills in my first sophomore year seminar discussing the Constitution, truly the most memorable academic experience I had while at NU.  I remember discussing baseball and specifically the Cubs with Professor Carl Smith, and appreciate all the help and guidance of Professor Henry Binford in preparing my thesis on the settlement and dispersion of Skokie Illinois as a Jewish community following the immigration of Eastern European Jews to the United States at the turn of the century."